1st May
Platinum Marketing Global responds to the Lack of Female Professionals in the Sales and Marketing Sector

Platinum Marketing Global responds to the Lack of Female Professionals in the Sales and Marketing Sector

In the sales and marketing sector, female professionals make up only 12% of leadership roles, a statistic shockingly low in the 21st Century. Platinum Marketing Global is one of the industry leaders actively seeking to maximize the number of female professionals entering the sector.


In response to a recent study conducted by CEB, Platinum Marketing Global have found that sales teams across the globe have the second most significant gender gap. Researchers found that only 1/4 midlevel managers are female. In reference to these statistics, Platinum Marketing Global CEO Patrick Anilus has released a statement “It’s a travesty there is such a gender gap in the sales sector, particularly when having a diverse team is such a strong benefit to companies in attracting clients and boosting consumer relationships.” The entrepreneur continued “Here at Platinum Marketing Global we’re hoping to be the change we want to see and are eagerly urging female professionals wishing to gain experience to apply to our opportunities.”


The firm has detailed ways in which they believe female entrepreneurs can benefit a sales and marketing firm, hopeful that other companies will head their lessons and open their businesses to a broader and more diverse workforce.


1\ Female professionals are found to achieve equal or higher attainment in reference to their male counterparts. A study by CEB has found that women in sales are found on average to reach 70% quota attainment compared to 67%.


2\ Female leaders generally build more diverse teams, on average consisting of equal gender diversity, as opposed to male-led units that are on average, 75% male. Companies with higher levels of gender diversity contribute to more effective teamwork, stability and present varying perspectives to their businesses.


3\ Businesses can retain female talent for longer, as researchers found that women generally stay in their roles for up to two years longer than their male peers; producing lower recruitment costs.


4\ Of research conducted by the University of Illinois, companies with higher gender diversity overall, achieve higher and retain better business figures. In comparison to companies of the same industry, those with less than 20% female professionals reported significantly lower revenue, fewer consumers, smaller market share and lower profitability.


Platinum Marketing Global is eager to level gender diversity in the sales and marketing sector and is hopeful they can target higher levels of female applicants. The firm is keen to create further diversity within their company understanding the benefits that can come from such a workforce.


Any professionals wishing to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector can contact Platinum Marketing Global via email on apply@platinummarketingglobal.com