30th Sep
Platinum Marketing Global releases their Success Tactics

Platinum Marketing Global releases their Success Tactics

Jacksonville’s leading marketing agency, Platinum Marketing Global are no strangers to success. The business is ran by serial entrepreneur, Patrick Anilus who has long acted as mentor and coach to young professionals getting their first taste of the industry.

Mr Anilus has subsequently released a statement on the subject of success, sharing his long-held secrets on how individuals can fulfill their potential, particularly in such a competitive market as the sales and marketing sector.

Set Concrete Goals

“Here at Platinum, we encourage our brand ambassadors to design a roadmap for their careers. There are no shortcuts to success, recognizing this early on will help their development. Success is different to everyone, they need to decide what this means to them, ” declared the business owner.

Platinum Marketing Global encourages their brand ambassadors to plan for the future, identifying long-term objectives that will lay the foundation for smaller milestones along the way. A common ethos at the company is to set big aspirations, and aim for the stars.

Find a Mentor

Mr Anilus is proud to act as a coach and mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs and frequently offers one-to-one guidance and support to those wishing to accelerate their experience. The firm not only encourages professionals to seek mentorship from industry giants but also act as support, themselves.

“Mentors in our industry are hugely important, they have been through everything imaginable in the sector – they’re a great source of wisdom and experience – and that knowledge is invaluable to beginners, ” continued the entrepreneur.

Learn from Mistakes

Brand ambassadors at Platinum Marketing Global are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, and ultimately push themselves to expand their abilities, declares the business. Failures are looked to as an opportunity to learn, and subsequently to not make the same mistakes again.

“I love that marketing provides a fun, team-oriented, and interactive working environment. Here at Platinum Marketing Global, we encourage that ethos every day, as we want to see our workforce continue to succeed, ” concluded Mr Anilus.

Patrick Anilus started his marketing and sales career working and organizing philanthropy events with Individuals such as a Mario Lopez and Jimbo Fisher (Former FSU Coach). He continued to work in radio with iHeart Radio, and gained experience handling B2B accounts and was later promoted to the creative writing department. Afterward, he began managing and training individuals at multiple health clubs around the Tallahassee area. After managing and training at the health clubs for three years, he realized his true passion for marketing and sales.

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