31st Aug
Platinum Marketing Global heeds lessons of success from entrepreneur Grant Cardone

Platinum Marketing Global heeds lessons of success from entrepreneur Grant Cardone

Platinum Marketing Global believe that heeding lessons from successful business moguls in the entrepreneurial sphere is imperative to the development of their contractors. The firm has, as of recently, turned their focus to Grant Cardone and his musings on professional success.


The firm has responded to an exclusive interview with CNBC and Cardone in which he depicts his views on success and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs within the professional landscape;


“Successful people have two areas of focus: the present moment and creating the future that they desire. When you have setbacks, it’s easy to stay in the past,” declared Cardone. This is an element that resonated with Platinum Marketing Global as Managing Director, Patrick Anilus describes the firm’s in-house development program.


“This excerpt from Grant Cardone acts as a great inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and is something we actively encourage here at Platinum. We actively urge our contractors to look to the future as we provide learning seminars and workshops for them to perfect their selling skills to catapult their careers in this industry.”


Successful people embrace fear and discomfort and take steps that are closest to their goals, explains Cardone. The business mogul tackles fear through the physical act of writing scary prospects down, and also makes a conscious effort not to make judgments too early – or get lost in insignificant details. These elements are a technique Platinum Marketing Global has often cited within their motivational meetings as guidance for their contractors.


Cardone concluded the interview with his final thoughts on success, likening it to a situation encapsulating the troubles of entrepreneurship, “Like a car stuck in the mud, you just need enough traction to move an inch. You might get dirty in the process, but it’s better than being stuck.”


“Cardone’s final message on success in which he likens business ownership to a vehicle stuck in mud is spot on and is something we aim to inspire within our contractors. The road to entrepreneurship is a difficult one, that comes with unique obstacles but is always worth the trouble,” concluded Patrick Anilus of Platinum Marketing Global.


Any individuals wishing to join the Platinum Marketing Global business can reach the firm via email on apply@platinummarketingglobal.com or book in a time to meet with the team on their website.


Source: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/12/28/grant-cardone-6-steps-to-turn-your-2017-failures-into-success-in-2018.html