30th Jul
Platinum Marketing Global explore the Future of the Non-Profit Industry

Platinum Marketing Global explore the Future of the Non-Profit Industry

Platinum Marketing Global has seen massive success in their non-profit campaigns, and as such the firm has launched an investigation into the future of the sector, detailing where this will take non-profit giving and how direct marketing will fit into this ever-developing model.


The Fidelity Charitable Report by The Future of Philanthropy explores the results of a survey conducted via 3,200 participants on the future of the non-profit industry – with a strong focus on engagement and giving.


Platinum Marketing Global recognizes the changing environment of the non-profit sector, inclusive of philanthropy, especially how individual’s perceptions change and their habits towards donations. The firm is eager to advise direct marketing agencies that care must be taken to monitor these key demographics, how they change over time, and what they want from such organizations. Platinum Marketing Global consistently conducts market research, pinpointing the most effective ways to market to critical targets.


Non-profit giving has become highly results driven, argues Platinum Marketing Global, and as much as 40% of those surveyed state they have modified their giving habits due to an increased knowledge. The firm are eager to continue the training and development of their contractors to ensure they remain experts within the field. Platinum Marketing Global encourages strong interest within their clients’ brands to ensure their contractors can answer any question a potential donor might pose.


Changing generations are also subsequently changing the face of non-profit giving, with a distinctly different worldview. Millennials within The Future of Philanthropy survey were found to approach charitable giving with a more global, social and inclusive view, expressing higher levels of optimism regarding the industry. Platinum Marketing Global boasts a company with a majority of millennial professionals, helping the business to convey aspects that matter to this generation. Contractors at the firm have strong levels of excitement for the sector and are able to communicate this effectively.


Platinum Marketing Global are the Jacksonville-based marketing experts that consistently seek to continue their education on the sectors that direct affect their clients and consumers, as such the business are urging other agencies to follow their example. This latest research into the non-profit sector is the latest in the firm’s research, finding results to be hugely advantageous to their business model, client relations and ultimate success.


Source: https://www.fidelitycharitable.org/insights/future-of-philanthropy.shtml