30th Jun
Platinum Marketing Global explore how they're attracting the next generation of Leaders

Platinum Marketing Global explore how they’re attracting the next generation of Leaders

Platinum Marketing Global, Jacksonville’s direct sales and marketing specialists, are continually looking towards growth within their sector. The business has recently turned to developing professionals into effective leaders within their industry


In an attempt to appeal to many more dynamic and aspirational young professionals. the firm has released a statement on how they are ‘creating’ future industry leaders. Platinum Marketing Global has issued a statement on three crucial aspects that they target when providing development opportunities to their contractors, in the hope to appeal to as many driven young individuals wishing to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector.


Creating clear borders is essential in generating effective leadership, with individuals understanding what space they have to lead with little to no interference. Platinum Marketing Global understands that they must avoid conflict of interests, and are eager to provide their leaders with definite room for growth.


Platinum Marketing Global is eager to provide their aspiring leaders with strong objectives and significant challenges, recognizing that this is a crucial aspect of motivation. The firm explains that their targets must be more significant than their current performance effort, in order to continually challenge them.


A focus on their development, as well as those across the company, is an active form of attention at Platinum Marketing Global. Managing Director, Patrick Anilus explores the firm’s business model, in regards to building great leaders. “We are eager to build leaders, not followers. That’s why we aim to increase their capability through frequent challenges, the experience is a primary way to learn and grow,” declared the entrepreneur.


“Here at Platinum Marketing Global we are seeking individuals that want to make a statement in our industry, we have the tools in place to enhance their skills and prepare them for leadership roles. We want to create future industry leaders in the sales and marketing sector,” concluded the business owner.


Any individuals wishing to discuss current opportunities at Platinum Marketing Global can contact the business through email via apply@platinummarkeitngglobal.com. The firm has take a current priority on developing professionals into leadership roles, and are eager to provide such opportunities to individuals seeking experience in the sales and marketing sector.


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