19th Jul
Platinum Marketing Global Explore Excellent Examples of Customer Service

Platinum Marketing Global Explore Excellent Examples of Customer Service

Jacksonville’s direct marketing experts, Platinum Marketing Global have a strong focus on their customer services levels, and as such have researched some of the most successful Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that excel in this area.

River City Bikes: A business which sees a daily foot traffic of almost 500 customers each Saturday, at least 20 employees and the founder, Dave Guettler are on the shop floor assisting consumers, this is an aspect Platinum Marketing Global’s own Managing Director Patrick Anilus is eager to replicate. The CEO understands that an active and involved leader is one that inspires others.

River City Bikes follows a business model that is focused on providing customers with exceptional customer service and generating lasting relationships, having built an upstairs track where consumers can test a bike before following through with a purchase. In reference to their customer service elements, founder Guettler states, “By respecting the customer, the benefit is long-term.”

Sugarsnap Catering: A small catering business that sets up varying stations around their location to encourage and promote conversation. Stations can range from chocolate and cheese producers to Korean BBQ experts, these individuals encourage customers to get involved in their food preparation processes, distributing samples and answering inquiries.

Sugarsnap Catering owner, Abbey Duke also provides produce that competitors cannot, growing her own ingredients ranging from watermelon to broom corn. Duke has recognized that providing this service is one that entices consumers, and the customer service is what keeps them coming back argues Platinum Marketing Global. “The important thing is that you be reliable, you take care of them, and you don’t waste their time,” stated Duke, Sugarsnap Catering Owner.

“Here at Platinum Marketing Global, customer service is a huge focus. We know that it’s essential to build lasting relationships with consumers instead of going after purely one time purchases. We believe a lot can be learned from SMEs that excel in this area and we’re urging other businesses to take lessons from successful local businesses,” declared Patrick Anilus, Managing Director of Platinum Marketing Global.

Platinum Marketing Global is an outsourced direct marketing firm based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company is run by Managing Director Patrick Anilus who is eager to take the firm’s success further through his recent stance on providing reliable customer service.

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