10th May
Platinum Marketing Global Detail the Benefits of Experience in Sales to Graduates

Platinum Marketing Global Detail the Benefits of Experience in Sales to Graduates

As graduation season fast approaches, sales and marketing firm, Platinum Marketing Global detail the benefits that a career in sales can offer ambitious and driven individuals at the start of their careers. 

Research from The University of Hertfordshire found that almost half of companies look for relevant work experience when hiring graduates. But some graduates find that they leave University with little to no experience because they have been focusing on their studies. For new graduates looking to kick-off their careers, the sales and marketing industry offers some excellent opportunities. Despite several misconceptions about sales, the industry provides unique growth opportunities for graduates looking to drive their futures and gain industry experience.

When it comes to deciding on a career, Graduates today look for companies or industries that offer a friendly and respectful work environment that recognises and rewards performance. They regard a creative and dynamic working environment as necessary together with flexible working conditions.

Sales and marketing firm Platinum Marketing highlights that a career in sales can offer such benefits.

The first benefit that comes from working in sales is the chance to develop and learn skills that will lead on to an abundance of career opportunities. Some career options leave people pigeonholed whereas sales can open doors to multiple industries and is a skill that can be taken and applied anywhere.

Sales is the world’s highest paid profession due to the earning of commissions for performance resulting in limitless earning potentials and unlike other careers this earning comes with flexible working hours because sales professionals have the freedom to manage their schedule for the day. There are also boundless learning opportunities within sales due to the daily interactions with different people and networking opportunities.

‘A career in sales brings satisfaction, money and success’ said Platinum Marketing’s Managing Director, Patrick Anilus. ‘The skills developed, the relationships formed and the money that is earned outweighs the challenges of a sales career. When you chose a sales career you are also choosing endless possibilities for financial, personal and professional growth’ added the Managing Director.

Graduates looking to start their sales career should contact Platinum Marketing to find out what more they have to offer at apply@platinummarketingglobal.com.