19th Oct
Platinum Marketing Global comments on some of the best in-person sport marketing strategies

Platinum Marketing Global comments on some of the best in-person sport marketing strategies

Platinum Marketing Global have long rallied for the sales and marketing industry to head lessons from sporting brands, whether in leadership, culture or indeed going back to basics with their marketing. The firm has released a statement detailing some of the most successful face-to-face sports marketing strategies, in the hopes of inspiring others.

Lululemon are strong advocates of using word of mouth to generate custom for their brand, using their sales representatives as the primary vessel. Their ‘brand ambassadors’ are encouraged to discuss exercise goals and achievements with customers, getting to know them on a personal level, an aspect Platinum Marketing Global encourages within their own sales strategies for the nation’s most loved brands, guaranteeing that their brand ambassadors are able to form lasting and genuine connections with customers. The firm recognizes that these interactions are what keep customers coming back time and time again, a key goal for their clients.

Lululemon’s community relations manager, Nina Gardner stated “Making sure we’re really building those relationships (with customers) — that’s what really sets us apart from being just another retail store.”

Reebok’s collaboration with Crossfit has seen them plan and execute a number of customer-focused pop-up events – something Platinum Marketing Global creates each and every day. These events have become a pillar of Reebok’s marketing strategy, finding that word of mouth has subsequently spread dramatically. When addressing their successful in-person events, Chris Froio, Reebok’s Vice President of Western Europe said, “We’re going directly to the consumer and the best way we’re doing it is through our events.”

“The fact that these huge sporting and exercise brands are truly going back to basics with their staff training and in-person marketing is a game changer for our industry. We’re hopeful that other companies will also start to see how truly effective this form of marketing is and begin to set a precedent for increased in-person consumer interaction, ” declared a spokesperson for Platinum Marketing Global.

Platinum Marketing Global believes that face-to-face interactions with consumers through event-based marketing is the most efficient way for customers to get to know a brand on a much more humanistic level. The firm believes that their own brand ambassadors are the best in the business, and such events provide them with the opportunity to showcase their client’s brands effectively.

Source: https://www.referralcandy.com/blog/sports-marketing-examples/