31st Oct
Platinum Marketing Global Business Spotlight: Mark Cuban

Platinum Marketing Global Business Spotlight: Mark Cuban

Platinum Marketing Global have this week taken inspiration from one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs, Mark Cuban. The firm created a workshop on some of Cuban’s most revered business lessons from his years in the competitive world of sports business.

Mark Cuban is an American entrepreneur and investor who rose to notoriety in the public sphere due to his appearance on Shark Tank. The mogul is an author and wrote the businessman’s bible ‘How to Win at the Sport of Business’, in which he explores his experience in business and sport alongside advice to budding entrepreneurs.

‘Learn to sell. In business, you’re always selling.’

Platinum Marketing Global actively encourages their brand ambassadors to continually improve their skills, advising them that they are not only selling their client’s brand but also themselves. The firm heeds lessons from Cuban that as an entrepreneur you are not only selling to your customers, but also to clients, prospects, investors etc – this is an element they proactively present and encourage amongst their workforce.

‘Put in the time to become an expert in whatever you’re doing.’

Platinum Marketing Global is passionate about providing their brand ambassadors with tangible skills to reach real results. The firm frequently hosts seminars and workshops that are open to all those within the business, eager to continue to develop future industry leaders and business owners.

‘Judge success based on having goals and measuring your results.’

The firm encourages their ambassadors to set both personal and professional goals, using the support from the business to achieve them. Platinum Marketing Global recognizes that success has a different definition to everyone, and is proud to offer guidance to each and every individual, no matter their objectives.

Platinum Marketing Global are the Jacksonville based sales and marketing specialists, and they work with a variety of Fortune 500 clients in industries such as telecommunications, food distribution, office supplies and, Non-profits. Platinum Marketing Global specializes in face-to-face marketing solutions in the consumer landscape. The firm’s goal is to build loyal and lasting relationships between their clients and customers on a daily basis.