26th Sep
Face-to-face interactions remain crucial in customer service declares Platinum Marketing Global

Face-to-face interactions remain crucial in customer service declares Platinum Marketing Global

Jacksonville’s most successful sales and marketing agency, Platinum Marketing Global have released a statement on the importance of face-to-face interactions in an ever-developing digital age.

The firm recognizes that the most successful companies are those that can create lasting relationships with their consumers, and the agency has found the most effective way to do this is through real-time, genuine, in-person interactions. To back up their claim, Platinum Marketing Global has conducted research into aspects that this form of marketing can benefit.

Relationship Building

Through their years of experience within the industry, Platinum Marketing Global has found that in-person interactions are an excellent way of building trust for a brand within the minds of their consumers. Levels of trust often act as a catalyst for further communications, helping to build lasting relationships. Customers are often inclined to follow a brand on social media, sign up for offers and give favorable reviews in the light of a positive exchange.

The Entire Experience

Platinum Marketing Global declares that customer service is multi-faceted, and it needs a sense of longevity in order to be genuinely effective. The firm understands that every touchpoint within a customer’s journey is imperative to creating excellent customer service.

“Face-to-face interactions are an ideal way to build a truly great experience. Our brand ambassadors are able to interact with a customer and appeal to every element of their exchange – answering questions in real-time and providing solutions. Our representatives are also on hand following the purchase to ensure the customer is 100% satisfied, ” declared a spokesperson for Platinum Marketing Global.

Correct Training

Platinum Marketing Global has developed an in-house program that provides their ambitious employees with the skills and qualities they need to succeed in the sector. They concentrate upon a variety of skill sets and have a strong element of focus on improving interactions with customers. The business frequently monitors industry trends and developments to ensure they remain the leading agency in the state.

The Jacksonville-based firm, Platinum Marketing Global work with a variety of Fortune 500 clients in industries such as telecommunications, food distributors, office suppliers and, Non-profit organizations. The business specializes in face-to-face marketing solutions, understanding that quality customer experience and client satisfaction go hand in hand. It is their goal to build loyal and lasting relationships between clients and their customers and believe the most efficient way of achieving this is to bring products and services directly to the target market.

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