24th Sep
Extreme sports can act as a catalyst for business success, declares Platinum Marketing Global

Extreme sports can act as a catalyst for business success, declares Platinum Marketing Global

Platinum Marketing Global are long-term endorses of the correlation between sports and business success, and in light of a recent survey conducted by Moneypenny, the firm has continued to explore the mutual benefits each industry can provide one another.


Platinum Marketing Global has responded to the survey which found up to 50% of those individuals in senior roles and 48% in self-employment have declared past experience with extreme sports – in comparison to just 30% of those in general office staff.


“The latest statistics by Moneypenny have solidified our belief here at Platinum Marketing Global that individuals with a past career or hobby in extreme sports make incredible entrepreneurs. It’s a connection that many people probably won’t make – but we’re urging those with a passion in extreme sports to consider entrepreneurship,” declared a spokesperson for Platinum Marketing Global.


Researchers continued to find that amongst those professionals that noted a background in extreme sports, up to 58% of them rated their risk-taking abilities as six or above, out of ten. Platinum Marketing Global defines ‘risk-taking’ as a critical attribute of entrepreneurship.


“We’re passionate about providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive world of business. Personality traits such as a comfort with taking risks is something that is inherently associated with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, and is something we attempt to nurture,” continued the spokesperson.


The firm continues to explore the correlation, defining that experience in sports teaches an individual essential skills that transfer well to business ownership. Professionals with a history in extreme sports have already mastered the art of choosing when to take on a large project, what tactics work best and how to give it 110%.


Platinum Marketing Global works with a variety of Fortune 500 clients in industries such as telecommunications, food distributors, office suppliers and, Non-profit organizations. Platinum specializes in face-to-face marketing solutions. The firm is passionate about providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the opportunity to build their own futures, and they are eager to develop future industry leaders who can pave the way for the sales and marketing sector.


Source: http://smallbusiness.co.uk/extreme-sports-business-success-2538806/