27th Jun
All businesses should be implementing a corporate responsibility program, argues Platinum Marketing Global

All businesses should be implementing a corporate responsibility program, argues Platinum Marketing Global

Jacksonville’s direct sales and marketing specialists Platinum Marketing Global have recently launched an investigation into social responsibility after research into appealing to a younger demographic. The firm is eager to appeal to young professionals facing graduation in the coming weeks, and have pinpointed this aspect as a crucial factor.

As a result, the firm has explored critical features they are eager to investigate in the coming months, and address where they already fit the corporate responsibility model. A Deloitte survey has pinpointed corporate social responsibility as a key drive in the millennial generation when seeking a new role, up to 70% identifying it as ‘essential’.

Platinum Marketing Global has long empowered young professionals from varying backgrounds to follow their entrepreneurial inclinations. The firm provides ongoing coaching and development that prepares individuals for life within the uncertain career route of entrepreneurship. The business has long detailed their passion for providing opportunities to individuals from varying disciplines, irrespective of education, experience or skill. The specialists are eager to present this aspect of their business model to all individuals seeking to gain experience in the sales and marketing sector.

Platinum Marketing Global is continually seeking ways in which they can give back to their local community, through both their entrepreneurial interests and a broader spectrum of principles – such as people, and profits. The agency is advising corporations to be transparent with their goals and aspirations for their CSR programs, detailing how this is a crucial aspect of appeal to potential aspiring professionals.

The business is hopeful other firms within the industry will look towards corporate social responsibility as an aspect that must be embraced in the current job market. The act of such a program not only helps local communities and the environment but also make a business much more appealing to potential contractors and improves retention.

Platinum Marketing Global is the direct sales and marketing experts based in Jacksonville Florida, and the business is currently seeking driven individuals to join their firm and gain experience within the sector. The company is open to individuals from all backgrounds that can display an eagerness to learn and desire to succeed. Any individuals wishing to discuss any potential opportunities with the firm can reach them via email on apply@platinummarketingglobal.com

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/269665