Everywhere you look, ads pop up. Online, in apps, on TV, even on digital billboards. But how often do you read them, click them, or follow up?Sometimes, perhaps. While these ads are effective, they are often more annoying than effective. More useful (and less annoying), however, is a personal touch—even in today’s tech-driven world.

Have you ever met a random someone, in a random place, and just started talking? You exchanged simple ice-breakers, felt comfortable, and subconsciously decided that you like the person, only to find out that this person is in a position to help you with something you are interested in?

We are that person! Our campaigns are focused on developing an instantaneous, long-lasting relationship between our clients and their consumers. We achieve what advertising cannot: personality.

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About Us

Platinum Marketing Global, based in Jacksonville as of 2017. Platinum Marketing Global works with a  variety of Fortune 500 clients in industries such as telecommunications, food distributors,  office suppliers and, Non-profit organizations. Platinum specializes in face-to-face marketing solutions. We know that quality customer experience and client satisfaction go hand in hand. It is our goal to build loyal and lasting relationships between our clients and their customers and the most efficient  way of achieving this is to bring products and services directly to the target market.

    The Platinum Mission is to transform our client’s consumer relationships by offering the consumer a personal touch that our client’s advertising cannot: a handshake, a smile, charisma, and expertise. Through this personal touch, we develop lasting relationships with both clients and their respective consumers, maximizing customer satisfaction and retention.

    Platinum Marketing Global

    Good relationships are invaluable and irreplaceable. For this reason, we have become committed to developing relationships between our client’s and their consumers. We establish such relationships through the expert craftsmanship of campaigns and the personal focus of each member of our team.

    We begin each campaign with an extreme focus on the client’s product and/or service. Each member of our team is assigned to a specific campaign, where he or she develops a comprehensive and intimate knowledge of the client’s product and/or service.

    Next is market research. In essence, this research provides us with the “five whys” that a consumer would commit to a particular product and/or service. Through this cycle, we tailor a marketing strategy that seizes the consumer’s interest.We then implement our strategy, building relationships with the consumer that results both in retention as well as additional feedback to help us to maintain a modern, effective campaign.

    Finally, we analyze our campaign to identify our strengths and weaknesses and continue to tailor the campaign to achieve the maximum positive exposure for the client.

    Here at Platinum marketing global, we focus on face-to-face marketing, and we value the opportunity to build a rapport with our clients and their consumers. Our contractors are experts in consumer relations, with the ability to generate genuine and long lasting customer relationships.

    Platinum’s many campaign development strategies help to expand our client’s consumer base, and we are dedicated to generating consumer loyalty, which we believe can be done through becoming experts in regards to our client products, needs and wants.

    We understand the importance of getting our client’s brand out into the public sphere, as such we love to generate strategies that will see maximum exposure for our clients, so their consumers will continue to remember their interaction with our dynamic brand ambassadors.

    Platinum is leading the way in the sales and marketing sector, and as such, we have a strong passion for researching and implementing ‘out of the box’ marketing strategies to help our clients reach Platinum results. We have a strong student mentality and are continually seeking knowledge and research into efficient campaign techniques.

    Every account manager at Platinum is dedicated and focused on their client, so they can help to achieve their goals and effectively represent their brand. All of our account managers are tasked with growing their accounts, with a focus on high standards to ensure our clients remain ecstatic with the Platinum experience. At Platinum, we advise all our clients to view long-term strategies to show our dedication to their brand.

    Platinum has a team of highly experienced and dedicated sales and marketing professionals, as such they understand how to build and maintain a strong and loyal consumer base. We also offer our contractors the ability to gain further development through in-house mentorship, seminars and the ability to network, ensuring their skill set continues to grow; offering our clients the best service possible.

    At Platinum, we love hosting events! We understand the importance of creating dynamic, exciting and fun events for both our clients and consumers. We are consistently searching for new and exciting ways to generate authenticity in our face-to-face campaigns to ensure the consumer remembers the Platinum effect.

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